Fire Alarm Servicing

Fire Alarm Servicing and Maintenance

What is Fire Alarm Servicing?

Fire alarm servicing is the maintenance of a fire alarm system to ensure it functions and complies with the design, BS5839-Part 1 and manufacturers instructions.

Typically a fire alarm service includes:

  • Functional checks of manual call points
  • Smoke testing smoke detectors and heat testing heat detectors
  • Functionality of the control equipment – fire alarm panel
  • Visual inspection of equipment
  • Checks on power supplies and batteries

does my fire alarm need servicing?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 places a duty on the responsible person to ensure that a fire alarm system is maintained. BS5839 Part 1 is the British Standards that provides guidelines for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire alarm and detection systems and advises on maintenance intervals.

The guidance advises various parts of a system to be maintained and the frequency. For example a weekly test is to be carried out by setting off manual call points and recording the outcome. This is something that can be done in house by your maintenance team but HT can provide this service if required.

Some aspects of maintenance can only be carried out by a competent person such as 6 monthly testing and inspection which involves specialist test equipment and understanding on how the panels operate and react to events.

HT Compliance Services provide a comprehensive servicing report to advise if the system is functioning as it should be. If any defects are found we will bring these to your attention and can rectify as necessary. 

How often do i need a fire alarm service?

BS5839 part 1 suggests that your fire alarm system should be inspected at least every 6 months. If you have larger premises, where there may be more alarms and more complex systems, the recommendation is for quarterly inspections to be carried out. Frequency also depends on what type of system you have as some require additional attention.

The reasons for having alarms serviced is to ensure that a) they work, and b) you don’t suffer from problems such as false alarms. The latter is likely to cause greater cost because the fire service may get called out (which can result in a cost being passed onto your business in the event of a false alarm) but having false alarms create complacency for your employees.

While annual, biannual or quarterly inspections of your fire detection and alarm service by a professional are required, you also need to carry out regular tests on site.

Our family run team will be more than happy to assist with any advice and questions you have.

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