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What Types Of Appliances Need PAT Testing?

There are different classifications for electrical appliances and the tests that are required, below are some classification examples and the applied testing.

Each appliance will undergo a thorough visual inspection to check the correct fuse type is fitted and to ensure that there are no signs of damage to the flex, casing or plug.

Class 1. This equipment includes toasters, kettles, irons, microwaves, fridge freezers, heaters etc. These items require an earth continuity test, insulation resistance test and a protective earth conductor current test.

Class 2. This equipment includes some stereo equipment, televisions, lamps, vacuum cleaners etc. These items require an insulation resistance test and touch current test.

Information technology equipment (IT) includes computers, telecommunications, monitors, printers etc. These items require an earth continuity test and an insulation resistance test.

Extension leads and detachable cables such as an IEC lead are classed as a separate item and require an earth continuity test, an insulation resistance test and a polarity test.

Hand held equipment includes appliance intended to be held in the hand during normal use, drills, hair dryers etc. Most of these appliances are class 2 but occasionally can be class 1

Microwave Leakage Test. In addition to the electrical test a microwave radiation leakage test is highly recommended, the doors are checked for corrosion, the seals are checked for signs of wear or damage. Finally a test meter is used to ensure that no dangerous microwave emissions are detected.


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